Ph.D. Sciences in Arts (since 2001), Mastery in Anthropology (since 2001), Diploma Contemporary General History (since 2006), Titular Investigator (since 2004 the highest category), Titular Professor of University (since 2002 the highest category, 19 years before had been developing professional educational experience and another 18 years before had been assistant to professor), Archaeology Superior Technician (since 1985), Museum Technician (since 1983), Licentiate in General History (since 1986), Licentiate in Art History (since 1982). Has passed another 76 postgraduate courses and six languages (some experience as teacher and translator). 36 years of professional experience as expert and chief of researching Cultural topics, museum and heritage problems, cultural promoter, in Cultural institutions of municipal and provincial levels and collaborator and assessor in national level; National Institute of Anthropology, Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (more of 200 scripts, investigator, healer, assessor and interviews, also for documentaries and cinema) and professor of 328 courses and almost 200 confers and masterful confers, chats and debates in different kind of communities and institutions and in 37 Universities and other educational institutions in Havana and other Cuban provinces for Cuban and not Cuban students and professionals, and in other countries and for Chinese delegations of the highest level in Cuba. Has been member, President, Tutor, Consultant, Assessor or Opponent in some hundreds of juries and guarantees to 381 Licentiate, 78 Master, 42 Diploma and 24 Ph.D. grades in diverse sciences and specialties, included 64 not Cuban professionals and dozen cultural projects. As professor, disciple, colleague of experts or because his publications, is known at least in 49 countries of almost all the continents.

Member of National Union of Writers and Artists (Uneac, since 2006 in Critics and Researches of Cinema, Radio and TV; since 2014 till now: its President and member of its National Executive; since 2008, Coordinator of Communitarian Culture; since 2014: Assessor of Culture-Tourism Commission; since 2016 active member of Historical and Social Literature, another Association also in Uneac); member of National Union of Historians (Unhic, since 1991; since 2001: President founder of Plaza de la Revolution Municipality and member of Provincial Committee of Unhic); National Association of Social Communicators since January 2007; Association of Cuban Educators; editor and Vice President of Sciences and Arts in Pro-Signvm Society Inc, Miami, Fla, USA since 2008, and other international specialized magazines (Spain, France); member of 34 other advisory organs and Scientist Councils of different kind of institutions and places, and other environmental, ethnical, artistic and scientist organizations. Member founder and municipal and provincial chief of Cuban Association of Young Artists (1986-1996); 199 research results (almost 60 with scientist guarantees and of their useful applications); 494 scientist and other events included 117 international events (8 out of Cuba). Has published 24 books, 12 chapters of books, 11 prologues, 1 posface and 517 articles in popular and scientist magazines highly qualified in Cuban and other countries, besides the most different literary genres; translated into English, French, Portuguese and Italian languages, and transcript into Braille; dozen of catalogues and inaugurations of fine arts, programs about scenic arts, etc. More than 200 titles of passive bibliography, besides thesis and scientist works in several Cuban provinces and in other countries, and 1,739 texts of many countries mention his 12 publications in the scientist international red Academia.edu. Has deserved 91 awards, homage and other recognitions because of his investigations (in all cultural manifestations), artist work in almost all arts, attitude to the work (National Vanguard in Culture), as innovator and creative (Golden Talent 3 Stars), besides of dozens of the best official evaluations and congratulations because his results as professional.