Juan Sánchez Monroe

Juan Sánchez Monroe, Professor at the Superior Institute of
International Relations "Raúl Roa García" of Havana (ISRI)
http://www.isri.cu/ . He has taught postgraduate courses at the
University of Havana and collaborated with Cuban Television in high
profile educational programs such as the "Round Table", "Equal and
Different" and "University for All". He holds a PhD. degree in the
History of Diplomacy and International Relations from the Diplomatic
Academy of Moscow, a History degree from the Lomonosov State
University of Moscow, a Master's Degree in the History of the Western
and Southern Slavs from the same University; He completed a Bohemistic
Course at the Carolina University in Prague. Co-author of the
monograph "The return of Eurasia" (Alianza Editorial SA, Barcelona,
Spain, 2012) and the work "Between two Octobers: Revolutions and
counter-revolutions in Russia (1905-1917) and war in Eurasia" (Alianza
Editorial. Madrid , 2017).

Author of publications in several specialized magazines of Cuba,
Serbia and Spain. Former Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba; He was a
member of the European Society for the History of Humanitarian
Sciences between 2011 and 2013. He is a member of the Cuban Society of
International Law, Assistant Analyst of the Current History Group of
the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a full member of the
International Research Academy of Science and Art (IRASA) of Serbia.