Laurence Cox

Laurence Cox_0Laurence Cox is an engaged social movements researcher interested in the global “movement of movements” and anti-austerity struggles, working-class community organising in Ireland, social movement milieux and counter-cultures, early western Buddhists in Asia, and activist theorising and participatory research.
Laurence co-directs the MA in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism for activists “learning from each other’s struggles” at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, where he also runs a PhD research programme of participatory action research in social movement practice. He has been active in popular education for over two decades, having taught for organisations ranging from the Latin America Solidarity Centre to the Dublin Buddhist Centre, written for movement periodicals and co-authored with movement practitioners. He founded and co-edits the open-access, multilingual social movements journal Interface (, now in its seventh year and fourteenth issue, is an advisory board member of six other journals, co-founded the Council for European Studies’ European Social Movements research network and moderates the “social-movements” academic / activist mailing list. Collaborative work is a touchstone of his practice: he has published, organised research events or carried out research projects with over 40 scholars and activists in 7 countries.
Laurence has published widely on the global justice movement, working-class community organising and counter cultures, in refereed journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings and practitioner contexts.
He is co-author, with Alf Nilsen, of "We Make Our Own History" (Pluto, August 2014) and co-editor, with Colin Barker, Alf Nilsen and John Krinsky, of “Marxism and Social Movements” (Brill); with Cristina Flesher Fominaya, of "Understanding European Movements" (Routledge); and with Ide Corley and Helen Fallon, of "Silence would be treason: last writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa" (Daraja).