Mariya Ivancheva

mariya ivanchevaMariya Ivancheva is a Bulgarian anthropologist and sociologist. Her doctoral dissertation (CEU, 2013) traces the trajectory of a group of Venezuelan socialist intellectuals from opposition to state power: their role in the establishment of the Bolivarian University, an alternative model of mass university set in a socialist state in the Global South and working against the grain of neoliberal higher education reforms. As a post-doctoral fellow at the Equality Studies Centre, University College Dublin, Mariya researches the exacerbation of old inequalities and the rise of new precarious forms of employment and life among workers in the higher education sector in Ireland. Mariya has done research, taught classes, and published academic articles and political analyses on topics as history and legacy of socialism, social movements and contentious politics, and the role of intellectuals and elites in radical projects for social change. Mariya is an activist working on topics of gender, anti-racism, migrant and labour rights and financial justice. She is a member of the editorial board of the English Language web-portal for Eastern Europe LeftEast, and of Attac Ireland.