Stratos Georgoulas

stratos georgoulasStratos Georgoulas is Associate Professor at the University of the Aegean. He is recognized in the scientific field of Critical Criminology, winning international awards from universities for his teaching in USA, Canada, Syria, Jordan and Slovakia.
His public militant action is continuous and multilevel. He has actively participated, through his trade union role in the struggle for the public university. At the same time he is a political figure  at the Municipality of Lesvos being a candidate for the left  and has participated in larger activist actions as the movement “Don’t pay” , the Committee Global Recession and Peace, the refugee- antifascist movement and as a member of Antiracist Observatory of the Aegean University etc. He is Director of  the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, North Aegean Department. He has published widely in the area of Critical Criminology.