Vicki Macris

macris vicky

Dr. Vicki Macris is a Lecturer in the sociology of education, educational policy studies and curricular studies and former secondary public school teacher in the humanities, foreign languages, arts, and social sciences. Her doctoral research investigated the barriers experienced by immigrant and minority students in dominant culture-normed schools and the implications, in effect, for educational, school-level, and public policy-making that takes into account the needs of marginalized youth. Her published work seeks to establish if and how educational and public policies are implemented, supported, and enacted and whether immigrants, minorities, or marginalized people are given the opportunities required to live a better life in their host country and to receive, at minimum, an education that is equivalent to the education most native students receive. Her publications have appeared in: The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies; The Journal of Educational Practices; The Journal of the American Educational Studies Association; The Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education; The International Journal for Cross-Displinary Subjects in Education, Educational Studies Journal, The Alberta Journal of Educational Research (AJER) and other journals. Her research and teaching focus lies in the areas of sociology of education, comparative and international education, curriculum studies, social theory with a focus on the political economy of neoliberal restructuring and governance; the nation-state; secularism and the state, and global politics. On an international level, her work is interdisciplinary and intersectional it its approach to citizenship identities, human rights, transnational and critical feminist scholarship. Her currently funded research focuses on Roma women and girls’ access to state funded education in Greece, the persistence and reproduction of women’s exclusion from male-dominant religious practices, and the discourses of the broader discourses of the “invisible other.”