Wei Jin

Wei Jin is a professor at the school of Marxism at WuhanUniversity, Hubei, in the People's Republic of China, and she isvisiting professor at King's College of London. Her Master's and PhDare from Wuhan University. She has been an academic visitor at theUniversity of California, Berkeley and the University Oxford. She isvice director of the Contemporary China Research Center of WuhanUniversity, is a researcher at the Center for Collaborative Innovationon Marxism Theory and Chinese practice of Hubei province, and amember of the China Historical Materialism Research Institute. Shehas published more than 50 papers in Chinese academic periodicalsand published 4 books; She Hosted more than 10 research projects,it including the National Social Science Fund Project, Ministry ofEducation Humanities and Social Science Fund project, ChinaPostdoctoral Science fund general and special funding projects, theYouth League Central Youth fund project. She won the 6rst prize ofWuhan University outstanding Teaching paper. the Youth LeagueCentral Research Project Outstanding Achievement Award andWuhan City Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award on. Herresearch interests are Contemporary political theories and socialdevelopment in China and the Sinicization of Marxism in China